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July 31, 2009


Squeee Mc. Squeeeee!

Yay Hurrah! I love Randall too! Sooooooooooo excited. Squeeeeee!!!! And you may wish to reiterate that The Ween is the 4th party in this "the 4 of us" business lest someone suspects you have a bun in said oven. :) I am so happy and can't wait to visit you all again soon.



I was thinking the same as V! Who is this 4th one?? and then I figured that had to be the weiner!

I am so excited for you to be this happy. Hopefully Jim and I will make it sometime soon to the Bay area to visit you, squeeze and kiss little Jack, and meet Randall!!


Sounds like you've got yourself a great partner there! Thanks for visiting my site this morning. Lovely to meet you!

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