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July 15, 2008



had good comment. no longer have anything to say that is worth writing. See??? Baby is rotting my brain. 9pm just put him to bed from his day of screaming and crying and needing. the needing is rough when you have to get shit done. I am sure you know all about that. wow. I am rambling. Good story about the mini pad, where is the story about the taquitos?



He really is the most beautiful baby, those big eyes are killin' me! I can't say i've ever kept a pantyliner in my wallet but once i flew to boston and had a toy in my overstuffed backpack called 'the insultinator' and when you push various buttons it says various insults in a strange man's voice. it kept getting jiggled and going off randomly and people around me would look around to see who just said "you are a complete bonehead" really loud. I just kept a straight face and pretended not to have a clue...

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